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wellbeing event 2023 presentations

Presentation links are available to attendees of the Event only.

Please respect our presenter's work and do not share beyond your organisation unless with the consent of the presenter.

presentation links

Kristy goodwin neurobiology in a digital age

Click HERE for the link to Kristy's E-Presentation

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Wellbeing activities

AAWellbeing activities.jpg

Wellbeing activities and sensory tools

These tools for wellbeing were displayed on tables during the Event.


Click HERE for the complete list and links for 

  • Worry Stones

  • Fidget Toys

  • Interoception

  • Mindfulness

  • Sensory Play

  • Origami

  • Sensory Beads

  • Painted Rocks

  • Craft Clay

teacher wellbeing links

AATop Tips for TEACHERS for Teacher Wellbeing.jpg

Credit: Maryanne Manuyag

Click here for



Credit: Cecilia Tian and Maryanne Manuyag

Click here for links to Apps via QR codes

Video: Teacher Wellbeing

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