Cluster 8 RTLB

Team Description 
Cluster 8 is made up of 1 Manager, 3 Practice Leaders and 27 FTE RTLB positions (currently 28 RTLB) employed by Royal Oak Primary Board of Trustees. The RTLB are grouped into 3 office bases. The RTLB in each office base are responsible for providing services to designated schools. As RTLB we belong to the whole cluster and are able to work across the cluster when required and if workload permits. Case work is ‘needs driven’ and based on requests received, presented and discussed at hub based Request for Support meetings (R4S).


Māori RTLB

Our RTLB who are Māori are Chris Graham (Practice Leader), Michael White, David Blazey, Tracey Richardson and Angelee Morrow. 

Specialist Support

We have specialists who support RTLB casework.

They are:

Counsellors: Jean Parkinson and Kim Walker.

Cluster Management


Administration team


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TĀmaki College


Across All Hubs