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If you need a Zoom break and just want to listen to calming ocean sounds with Hawaiian ukelele click HERE

Links and resources from Lucy Hone's presentation

Lucy's presentation slides

Denise Quinlan's podcasts

RNZ Catastrophising interview

Stuff article on anxiety six tips

Contact for Diploma course


Links and Resources from Jean Parkinson's presentation

Here are Jean's links and resources

Jo Turner's Whiteboard activity 

Click HERE to see Jo's presentation using the on-line interactive whiteboard

and interesting website

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Wellbeing Trello board

Click the pic to find wellbeing links and resources selected by Cluster 8 RTLBs

or go to

Neuroscience Community of Practice

Click the pic to go to the RTLB curated collection of neuroscience-related blogposts

Social Emotional Learning

It's important to teach SEL skills - Click the pic to find more resources for SEL teaching

Helping a Student
Wellbeing for Teachers

Click the pic for the IRIS Connect and Cognition Education resource on Improving Teacher Happiness and Wellbeing - this comes with short tips and easy-read summaries for busy teachers! Well worth the read!

Calming by breathing and
vagus nerve exercises

Tips for how we can use breathing to stimulate our vagus nerve and calm ourselves

Emma McCann video

Video link 1

Video link 2

Video link 3

Wellbeing resources on RTLBCluster8 website

Click the pic for our Wellbeing Connect page resources

The Educator's Guide to Building Whole-school Wellbeing

Click HERE for information about Lucy Hone and Denise Quinlan's new book

MEDIROS Neuropsychotherapy

Neuropsychotherapy books and resources

Click HERE 

Brene Brown resources

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