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     Standing Strong Together in Wellbeing



RTLB CLUSTER 8 Wellbeing Event


Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 August 2023 




Ellerslie Event Centre, 100 Ascot Avenue, Ellerslie

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The wellbeing conversation is an important one that we are committed to supporting, providing opportunities for all in our school communities to engage in. Over the past few years the world has changed in so many ways, and so has the way we navigate it.


We designed the event Standing Strong Together in Wellbeing in response to your feedback. A focus on how we continue to lead with hope and seed hope, and about how we ‘mahia te mahi’ to support children and the adults around them in ways that build strengths, capitalising and powering up the opportunities and strengths that diversity offers. Whilst the event had an emphasis on proactive, positive and preventative models and frameworks to enable and empower our students, teachers and school communities to flourish, at the same time given the pandemic and weather events we looked at the latest neuroscience and how to lead, address and support re-engagement and also address anxiety and trauma.


The event covered themes of culturally aware practice in wellbeing, support for anxious children and young people, countering the impact of trauma, the digital environment, neuroscience and schoolwide approaches in wellbeing.


This was an opportunity to acknowledge what you are doing well, to discover what could be done, to build on well-being passions, strengths and interests, to gain knowledge and skills, and to build connections and relationships.


Ngā Manu Āwhina RTLB Cluster 8 welcomed members of our school communities, teachers, parents, service providers to this inspiring and informative event for 2023. At this event we called you -all those who are involved in working with children, all of you who have children, to come together, to build on the best in ourselves and our children. 

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