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WEDNesday 9 August

7.30  Registration opens

8.15  Welcome and Opening

8.40  Kaila Colbin: The courageous future our kids need 

9.40   Mike King: I Am Hope 

10.15   Walk the Talk

10.30   Morning Tea and Children's performance 

11.00 PROGRAMME CHANGE Lawrence Lotz: Rebounding from Adversity: Navigating Life's Challenges and Building a Supportive Community 

11.45  Dawn Huebner: Anxiety Primer for Educators 

12.40   Lunch (provided)

1.30  Jean Mitaera: Growing the children’s workforce capability to work with Pacific families.

2.15   Abbe Waghorn: Mitey – A school-wide approach to mental health education 

3.00 Afternoon tea

3.20   Jolene Stockman: Neurodiversity and Wellbeing 

3.50   Wellbeing stories

Bounce Back and school story: Michelle Grey-Lamont

 Zones of Reg and school story: Michele Hucker

Teacher Wellbeing: Maryanne Manuyag 

Trauma-informed Journey and Advocacy as a Parent: Frian Wadia 

4.15   Dawn Huebner and Lisa Bunker: Workshop on Anxiety, LGBQIA+.  Overlapping Circles: A Conversation About Supporting Anxious and or Gender Nonconforming Kids 

5.15 to finish Cocktails and Conversation Music with Michael and Gracie 

Thursday 10 august

8.00 Tea and coffee

8.25   Welcome

8.30   Melinda Webber: Kia tū rangatira ai: Ākonga motivation, engagement and persistence at school – what matters? 

9.20   Kathyrn Berkett: Neuroscience of Trauma 

10.00 Wellbeing stories

Trauma and Neuroscience - a school's journey : Kate Seales  (Remuera Primary School)

Mental Health Guidelines: Tracey Richardson

A Trauma-informed school community: Dr Alison Leversha and Debbie Watkins (ADHB)

10.30  Morning Tea

10.50   Walk the Talk

10.55  E-speaker Kristy Goodwin: Thriving in a Digital World: Neurobiology in a Digital Age 

11.20   Karolina Stasiak: Digital Mental Health Tools 

11.45 Bites: Apps

11.50   Paul Tupou-Vea: Being Well and Pacific-in Aotearoa  


12.20 Lunch


1.00   Lisa Bunker: Beyond The Tipping Point: The Present and Future of Gender Thought   

1.55 Kathyrn Berkett: ENGAGE workshop

3.20   Teacher Wellbeing: Maryanne Manuyag

3.30 Walk the Talk

3.45 Closing Speaker: Roseanne Gibson,  RTLB Cluster 8 Manager

Coffee and tea available during the afternoon 

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