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Cluster 8 RTLB

Team Description 
Cluster 8 is made up of 1 Manager, 3 Practice Leaders and 27 FTE RTLB positions (currently 28 RTLB) employed by Royal Oak Primary Board of Trustees. The RTLB are grouped into 3 office bases. The RTLB in each office base are responsible for providing service to designated schools. As RTLB we belong to the whole cluster and are able to work across the cluster when required and if workload permits. Case work is ‘needs driven’ and based on requests received, presented and discussed at hub based Request for Support meetings.

Anne Roborgh

Practice Leader

Anne has been an RTLB since the inception of the service, and Practice Leader in Cluster 8 for 8 years. In her role, Anne actively engages with Kāhui Ako and Ministry of Education (MoE). She is passionate about enhancing connectivity to establish cohesive teams comprising school, MoE, agency, and whanau members, ultimately providing seamless services and unwavering support to our tamariki. Anne firmly believes in the importance of collaborative efforts between RTLB and MoE, particularly in the crucial transitions from early education centres to school for students with diverse needs. One of Anne's strengths lies in coaching and mentoring, areas that have been the focal points of her professional development journey. She holds an internationally accredited qualification in Growth Coaching , and has completed the Glasser Advanced training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. Anne is dedicated to empowering others in their professional growth.

Titania McKenzie

Practice Leader

Titania is an educational psychologist RTLB who engages in generative and creative partnership with schools to support learners in the community to achieve their educational aims and potential. She has worked in education for over 25 years across early childhood, primary, secondary and residential settings in a variety of roles as a parent-educator, teacher, senior leader, RTLB and psychologist. Her key strengths include: people centred assessment and collaborative construction of learning pathways that support individual, group and communities of learners. Inter-weaving of PB4L, Understanding Behaviour Responding Safely, brain research, trauma informed practice, resiliency building and growth mind-set approaches to impact positively on student well-being, co-construction of innovative projects that build capacity, collaboration and connection within learning communities in an area of focus, and supporting neurodiverse learners.
BA Psych; GDip Tchng; PGdip Specialist Teaching; MEdevPsych; PGDipEdevPsych. Registered Psychologist, FIE Basic Level 1 & 2 Facilitator, Brick by Brick Facilitator

Megan Clotworthy

Lead School Principal

Megan has stepped into the Lead Principal role for RTLB Cluster 8 upon her appointment as Royal Oak Primary School principal.

Roseanne Gibson

Cluster Manager

Roseanne has a commitment to the holistic wellbeing and learning of all and sets the positive, preventative and proactive approach and foundation for the team and cluster. Roseanne uses an inclusive strength-based approach open to opportunities and possibilities to support all ‘to be at their best’. Roseanne focusses on ensuring an accessible infrastructure and ecosystem is in place and strengthening the capacity of the system and individuals to empower and reach all. BA (Psych and Ed), B Ed (Hons), PG Dip SNRT, PG Dip Ed Psych, M Ed Studies (Ed Psych), M Counselling (Psych). Registered Psychologist.

Barbara Hannant

Practice Leader

Barbara has worked in education for over 20 years across Primary, Intermediate, Secondary and Tertiary environments in roles as a Teacher, Deputy Principal, Principal, Lecturer and as an RTLB. Barbara is a registered psychologist and has worked as a Practice Leader for Ngā Manu Āwhina Cluster 8 RTLB for the last five years. She is particularly interested in strength focused assessment practices, professional supervision and appraisal. Barbara is a trained Cognitive Behaviour and Dialectical Behaviour Therapist. She has completed the Glasser Advanced training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management. She also holds a number of internationally accredited qualifications in Growth Coaching, Change Management and Project Management.

BEd Tchg; MEd; MEdPsych; PGDipEdPsych
Psychological Practice, Supervision and Assessment Lead Practitioner

Jean Parkinson


Jean is our specialist counsellor. During a career of over 30 years in teaching and GLU – RTLB work Jean trained in Reality and Narrative Therapy. An undergraduate degree in Social Sciences (Human Services) led to a Masters in Art Therapy at UWS University of Western Sydney 2003-4. She currently holds full professional membership of ANZACATA (Australia New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association);, is associated with STANZA (Sandplay Therapists of NZ & Australia), and is certified as a Sandplay Therapist with ISST (International Society of Sandplay Therapists); Jean’s contribution to the work of the RTLBs in Cluster 8 now includes supporting teachers, parents and children to understand behavioural and learning challenges. Combining creative modalities in therapeutic counselling can deepen cognitive processing. Jean holds teacher registration. Supervision is ongoing and verifiable. She offers children, teens, their families and adults: • Solution focussed counselling through Reality Therapy (William Glasser) • If appropriate, longer term psychotherapy through Sandplay and Art Therapy • Short term EAP counselling with Choice Theory / Reality Therapy / Quality Management MAAT; B Soc.Sci (HS); H Dip. Tching; Dip.STN Registered Art Therapist (ANZATA) Certified Sandplay Therapist (ISST) Registered Teacher (NZ).

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