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Neurodiversity and Specific Learning differences
Dyslexia Community of Practice


Barbara Hannant:  

The Cluster 8 Dyslexia Community of Practice has compiled this resource to support work with learners with dyslexia.

We acknowledge the work of the following in putting it together: 

Irene Jack, Sandi Sebestian, Alex Innes, Margaret Muir, Chris Bush, Dianne Ley, Michelle Grey-Lamont, Pat Clemo, Catherine Alpe, Anne Roborgh, Maree Stenberg, Len Rust,

Lil Reynecke, Georgia Jensen-Procter, Jill Watson, Kimberly White, Jeremy Drummand, Barbara Hannant.

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chapter 1

Part 1

History and Progress: 

Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (DFNZ) 


Report of the Education and Science Committee

Draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan

Part 2

What is Dyslexia?

Current Definitions

The Science Behind It - Useful Links

Research Articles

Part 3

A Shift In Mindset

Developing Classroom Awareness

Research Articles and TED talks

Role Models

Part 4

Our Responsibility 

Links to Our Values, Our Code, Our Standards

Emotional and Cultural Aspects

chapter 2

Part 1

How Children Learn to Read

Part 2

Recognising the Signs

Part 3

Screening and Assessment Tools

Part 4

A Strengths-Based Approach

Celebrating Neurodiversity

chapter 3

Part 1

Strategies and Approaches in the Classroom - The Notice and Adjust Model

Part 2

Interventions and Programmes

Part 3

Technology Support

Part 4

Resources - Websites, Videos/Clips, Further Support

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