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Kia ora teachers and whānau!

As New Zealand is responding to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, we are compiling resources here  and in our "For our Parents" page to build and sustain the wellbeing of our children/mokopuna, their parents and whānau, teachers and other service providers

Kia mahara ki a koutou, take care everyone!

Worried about going back to school?

Mana Ake resources for children and young people

Mana Ake is a Christchurch organisation that has worked in all schools supporting mental health since the earthquake. RTLBs in Christchurch have shared the recently designed Mana Ake work booklets to support student and whānau at home with anxiety or worries about returning to school.  They are designed to be sent to families and worked through to come up with a plan for kids returning to school.   The message is - we know that this may be hard for you, let's talk through a plan and we are all here to help you put the plan into action.  Click here for Word docs to support

Younger children "I'm Brave"

Younger children "Going Back"

Older children "I'm Brave"

Older children "Going Back"

He Ara Hauora: Ka Anga Whakamua Pathway towards wellbeing: Going forward

A guide for Early Learning Centres and Schools: Recovering Well from Covid-19 Pandemic May 2020

Click here for guidance for returning

Toddlers and Young Children

Primary School

Intermediate school

Secondary School

Prepared by psychologists from Ministry of Education, Learning Support Auckland

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whole school wellbeing resources from NZIWR

Click the Links to find resources about developing whole school wellbeing supports from The New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience


article by Dr Denise Quinlan

Transforming our Schools Together: A MultiSchool Collaboration to Implement Positive Education: 

article by Dr Denise Quinlan



chatbot Help for young people dealing with stress


a NEW zealand resource



Click here to meet Aroha, a chatbot who helps young people deal with stress

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mental health foundation 

5 ways to wellbeing at work

Click the link to the Mental Health Foundation website 5 Ways of Wellbeing



feeling lonely or isolated? 

Some tips from Loneliness

new Zealand

Click the Link to find helpful tips for reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation


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Le va


 families' and communities' wellbeing 



Click HERE for more ideas on Rebuilding Wellbeing 

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a simple book to help people navigate unexpected times

Another lovely story from a New Zealand psychologist to help people get through difficult times

Click here to see the story.  

Good advice from Australian website Emerging minds

How to talk with your kids

Here's a page of ideas for the best way to talk with children about natural disasters including COVID-19

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from the author of Hey warrior!

Karen young's website

Click here to visit Karen's website Hey Sigmund for more videos and ideas for helping to reduce anxiety in children and young people


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