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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Support and resilience programmes

Key RTLB Contacts for information about the following programmes


Here are some more of our favourite programmes and strategies for building social and emotional skills

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DAWN HUEBNER'S books and resources

Dr. Dawn Huebner is a psychologist, parent coach, and the author of numerous self-help books for children including bestsellers What to Do When You Worry Too Much and Outsmarting Worry. Specializing in childhood anxiety, Dr. Huebner’s work is known around the world.

The parent of a once-anxious child, Dr. Huebner faced anxiety in her own life, making the same mistakes most parents make before finding the keys to breaking herself and her child free. She now teaches those keys to others, sharing with parents, therapists, school counsellors, and educators the skills they need to help anxious children live happier lives. Her TEDx talk, Rethinking Anxiety, has been viewed over a million times.

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