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Calming strategies and supports



Pause Breathe Smile is aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum and is delivered by the teacher in their classroom, with mindfulness practices integrated as part of daily teaching.  

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Mindful animation

Video from OxfordMindfulness that steps through a mindfulness activity

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Hikitia te Hā

Hikitia Te Hā is a series of simple te ao Māori breathing exercises that anyone can learn to calm the body and mind, as a very helpful practice for feeling more present and mindful. Hikitia Te Hā was developed by Rawiri Hindle, 

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Mindfulness and how the brain works

Video from Smiling Mind Australia about the brain and the importance of mindfulness meditation.


APA Mindfulness article

Mindfulness meditation: A research-proven way to reduce stress


Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy

Evidence grows for benefits of mindfulness programmes: article on

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