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keynote SPEAKERS

debbie watkin & allie fyfe  

Allie and Debbie are part of the Gateway team at Te Puararahua. Debbie has presented internationally on the theme of Trauma Informed Schools. In her presentation she will talk about ACES: what they are and what they tell us about a child's life chances.


Debbie will also talk about the difference relationships and kindness can make to a child who has suffered Trauma.Their presentation will be informative and will also offer suggestions as to how we can support young people who have suffered Trauma in our schools.

In this presentation you will:

  • Be introduced to, or perhaps expand your knowledge on, childhood trauma and the lingering legacy it leaves.

  • Gain knowledge of how widespread Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) are, and of the transmission of intergenerational trauma.

  • Learn how trauma affects the brain and influences development, behaviour and learning.

  • Define and respond to behaviour from a trauma-informed lens.

  • Learn about the 7 R's of Trauma-Informed Care and relate these to the classroom.

  • Identify techniques that might enhance teacher's capacity in creating a safe and trauma-sensitive classroom from which to intervene, support and care for students.

nathan wallis  

Nathan Wallis is a Neuroscience Educator who is able to make the ever growing body  of neuroscience research accessible for us all.  Nathan is an advisor for the NZ Ministry of Education, and an expert advisor for NZ Ministry of Vulnerable Children.  Not to mention TV documentaries and numerous speaking engagements for Professional Development. 

For more information about Nathan click HERE 

jo turner

Jo plays a major part of our Ngā Manu Āwhina RTLB Cluster 8 team supporting colleagues and schools as a Go-To-Person for Behaviour.  She is passionate about neuroscience and how to understand and teach the skills/strategies of self- management, executive function, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.

Jo will be presenting on Escalation Profiles - what are they and do they work?  This will lead into her second presentation on Day 2 on Mahna Mahna - Bridging the Barbed Wire of Challenging Behaviour.

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