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Pop-Up Workshops and Presenters

Term 4

Learning Assistants in Secondary: Working at The Coal Face - presented by the Secondary Group. Friday 16th October, 10-11am. A Zoom workshop. Learning Assistants can support Secondary School students through acknowledging the student's executive function needs with their goal-directed focus using tools such as The Infinity Learning Maps. The Learning Assistants' role is to help a student develop areas of executive function need, unpack their goal-directed learning and support scaffolding and questioning approaches while holding high expectations for students. 

The 5 W’s of Escalation Profiles - presented by Jo Turner. Wednesday 21st October, 9.30-10.30. A Zoom workshop.

What are escalation profiles? 

When do you need an escalation profile? 

Where do we get help to do an escalation profile? 

Who needs to be involved? 

Why they work? 

And most importantly, HOW does an escalation profile benefit the student? 

What Builds Confidence and Success for Reluctant Writers? – presented by Christine Holland. Tuesday 27th October 10-11am. In this Zoom workshop Christine will describe a strategy that she uses effectively with the most reluctant writers to motivate and teach skills for writing.

Save-a Date Learning Workshops 4th and 5th November  - more information coming soon


Misbehaviour or Stress Behaviour? - presented by Jo Turner. Wednesday 11th November, 9.30-10.30am. A Zoom workshop.

Is the behaviour deliberate or is the child unable to manage themselves due to a variety of stresses? Which part of the brain are you dealing with, the Prefrontal cortex (thinking) or the Limbic system (flight/fight or freeze)? Understanding this will help determine the choices we have when responding to a student’s behaviour. 


Understanding Hormones For Wellbeing: "Happy Hormones - Hauora Development – Finding Joy! " presented by Rebecca Robinson. Tuesday 17th November, 10-11am. A Zoom workshop.

  • To understand the impact of 'deficits' in hormones on wellbeing 

  • Exploring practical ways to increase the hormones that impact our sense of wellbeing.

  • A practical guide for us as adults, by developing our own wellbeing, but also using this knowledge to pass on to, and teach our students AND others.

What is Working Memory? presented by Sandi Sebestian and Julie Nugent. Thursday 19th November 10-11am. In this Zoom workshop, Julie and Sandi will introduce current understandings of what Working Memory is, how it can be assessed, how it presents and some supportive strategies for students with low working memory. This will lead into future opportunities for us to work collectively to develop a practical resource kit of strategies and tools for the regular classroom. 

Zones of Regulation: A framework designed to foster self-regulation and self-control. presented by Tracey Richardson and Jan Whitham. A Face to Face meeting at Royal Oak RTLB Meeting room. Wednesday 25th November time to be confirmed.

 Learn about a simple and effective way to understand our feelings and emotions - what do the different zones look like, when can I safely take action and how will I move back into where I feel okay. 

 Learn practical ways to implement and sustain The Zones in classrooms.   

Suitable for individuals, groups and whole-class work, for students of all ages. 


Zoom workshops

Please note that

  • Zoom workshop participants will need to have a device that works with Zoom

  • the Zoom link for each workshop will be re-sent to the registered participants on the day of the workshop, 30 minutes prior to the start.

  • if as SENCO or LSC you are not sure who from your staff will be attending, please register yourself and share the link with your staff on the day.

As it is very difficult to be accurate about attendance at Zoom workshops we will not be distributing certificates for participation.


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