2022: TERM 3 and 4 face-to-face and e-workshops

To register interest for these workshops please contact the presenter for each one. 

Face-to-face workshops are held in the RTLB Meeting room at the Crown Street entrance to Royal Oak Primary School.


E-workshops are held via Zoom meetings. Register with the presenter for the link.

FACE-TO-FACE WORKSHOPS ARE BACK! see below for details:

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Presented by Julie Nugent and colleagues 

Register with Julie at julien@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

Writing an ORS application can be a lengthy process that requires significant commitment from the team involved. This may be made worse by murky guidelines, time constraints or the sheer breadth of data to be collected and synthesised. It is not something taken on lightly. 

We want to share expertise in this area and have designed workshops to make the journey more manageable and more successful. 

Workshop 1

19th October, 3.30-5pm:  - aims to demystify the process, explore some examples, refer to supporting resources and guiding documents, and develop a pathway to complete an application.

Workshop 2 

9th November, 3.30-5pm : is a practical workshopping experience during which we will work through some applications together. Bring your data, bring your questions, and bring what you have so far. 

E-workshop OR Face-to-Face TBC
Writing in a notebook

The Big 6 of Effective Literacy

Six workshops: Dates below

Please register with Julie Nugent julien@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz for this workshop series

Details for each workshop are on this page Effective Literacy

Zoom link


Science has shown that the big six essential components to supporting struggling readers are oral language, phonological awareness, phonics vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

This series of 6 1 hour, online workshops will explore these elements including assessment and provision across the 3 tiers for each component.

Presented by Julie Nugent and members of the RTLB Team

Workshop 1: Phonological Awareness: Thursday 7th July 3.15-4.15pm

Workshop 2: Phonics: Thursday 28th July 3.15-4.15pm

Workshop 3: Fluency: Thursday 11th August 3.15-4.15pm

Workshop 4: Vocabulary: Thursday 25th August 3.15-4.15pm

Workshop 5: Oral Language: Thursday 8th September 3.15-4.15pm

Workshop 6: Comprehension: Thursday 22nd September 3.15-4.15pm

Reading in Indoor Tent



Presented by Jo Turner

Please register with Jo


Please note: the face-to-face and E-workshops have the same content

Workshop 1 is

FACE-TO-FACE at RTLB Meeting room

Monday 8 August, 3.15-4.15pm POSTPONED

Workshop 2 is an E-WORKSHOP

Wednesday 10 August, 3.15-4.15pm


This session will focus on recognising escalating behaviours and differentiating the adult's response accordingly. 

The principles apply to any class level are aimed to de-escalate student behaviour and alleviate stress for all involved. 

E-Workshop and Face-to-Face
Homework Help



We hope to offer this workshop next year

Presented by Leslie Dresser Tu'ugasala and Kylah Drake

in the RTLB Meeting room

Register with Leslie at leslied@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

'Cooperative Learning is a teaching arrangement that refers to small, heterogeneous groups of students working together to achieve a common goal (Kagan, 1994)'.

Come and join us for an informative and interactive session where we will take you through the growth of what is now called  Cooperative  Learning and the process of putting these strategies into practice in your own classroom/school. We will review new ways of structuring and using groupwork to encourage your students to work together an achieve as a team while being responsible for their own learning and that of those in their group.

Face-to-Face Workshop


Tuesday 9 August, 3.15-4.45pm

Presented by Tracey Richardson

Please register with Tracey


Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviours so they can deal effectively with daily tasks and challenges. We know that students learn best in positive classroom environments that nurture their social, emotional and cognitive skills. In this Zoom workshop Tracey Richardson will explore what resources, frameworks and programmes are available. She will make specific links with the NZC, different wellbeing models and will focus on resources that fit the NZ context. This 90 minute, after-school Zoom will provide participants with ideas and next steps for improving the social and emotional learning of our tamariki in Cluster 8. 

Planting a Tree




Article on strategies for staying calm when stress in schools

You Tube watch The Stress Response


You Tube watch

The Brain in the Palm of your Hand


Stress Interference with Learning


Escalation Profiles Work!


PART 2: Application

Part 2 - Examples of Escalation Profiles in action to show how they work.

LINK to Part 2 slideshow