Pop-Up Workshops and Presenters Term 3 2020

Circle of Friends – presented by Margaret Muir. Tues 28th July,10-11am.

This Zoom workshop has come from the discussion at the ASD workshops in Term 2. Margaret will present this effective strategy for building social interaction skills and ensuring that isolated students are included in the classroom. Check here for the link to an article for pre-reading.

Cognitive Assessment System 2 Brief- Assessment Training presented by Barbara Hannant and Catherine Alpe. This workshop is BOOKED OUT

Graphic Organisers for Secondary School – presented by Lilly Reynecke and the Secondary Community of Practice. Thursday 30th July,11-12.30.

This Zoom workshop will outline how graphic organisers can be used to assist students to improve executive function.

Social Stories – presented by Margaret Muir. Monday 3rd August,10-11am

This Zoom workshop will outline this effective strategy, developed by Carol Gray, to explain social situations to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and help them learn socially appropriate behaviour.

What Builds Confidence and Success for Reluctant Writers? – presented by Christine Holland. Tuesday 4th August,10-11am. In this Zoom workshop Christine will describe a strategy that she uses effectively with the most reluctant writers to motivate and teach skills for writing.

Save-a Date Behaviour Workshops 12th and 13th August  - more information click HERE

Process for Applying for Assistive Technology (FM System) for Auditory Processing Disorderpresented by Lorraine Millar the Special Education Advisor: Assistive Technology Co-ordinator; Supported by Angelee Morrow (RTLB) and Margaret Muir (RTLB). Monday 17th August, 10-11am

This Zoom workshop is a follow up from the successful AT workshop in Term 2.

Circle Time - presented by Michele Hucker and Dianne Ley. Tuesday 25th August, 9.30-10.30am. This Zoom workshop outlines how this teaching strategy allows the teacher and the class to explore issues of concern in their classroom. It provides a structured mechanism for solving problems, with equal footing for all participants.

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) - presented by Sandi Sebestian.

Thursday 27th August, 2-3pm. This Zoom workshop will cover how FIE is a cognitive intervention programme aimed at developing a broad range of students’ cognitive functions and enhancing their learning potential. This workshop introduces some key concepts like: structural cognitive modifiability, cognitive functions, mediated learning experience, Learning Propensity Assessment Device and about FIE programmes in New Zealand.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Workshop - presented by RTLB ASD Go To - Margaret Muir. Part 1,Tues 1st Sept 10-11am; Part 2, Wed 2nd Sept 10-11. These Zoom workshops will cover understanding the Autism Spectrum and ways of working with students so that they are engaged and learning in school. This is a repeat of Term 2 workshops for those who missed it.

Understanding and Using Quick 60 for Learners who Struggle with Reading and Writing - presented by Michele Hucker.  Wednesday 9th Sept, 10-11am. This  Zoom workshop  will describe how Michele has used the Quick 60 programme to work with students who struggle with basic sound/letter and word skills.

Play-based Learning: Te Whariki Connections with the New Zealand Curriculum - presented by Lilly Reynecke. Thursday 10th Sept, 2-3pm. This Zoom workshop follows on from the successful Play-based Learning workshop in Term 2. Lilly will show how the EC curriculum Te Whariki connects to the NZC school curriculum.

Zoom workshops

Please note that

  • Zoom workshop participants will need to have a device that works with Zoom

  • the Zoom link for each workshop will be re-sent to the registered participants on the day of the workshop, 30 minutes prior to the start.

  • if as SENCO or LSC you are not sure who from your staff will be attending, please register yourself and share the link with your staff on the day.

As it is very difficult to be accurate about attendance at Zoom workshops we will not be distributing certificates for participation.


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