2021: face-to-face and e-workshops

To register interest for these workshops please contact the presenter for each one. 

Feuerstein - Sandi Sebestian: sandis@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

Play-based Learning; Maths-Focused; Secondary-Focused - Lilly Reynecke: lilr@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

ACEs - Titania McKenzie: titaniam@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

Hormones for Wellbeing Part 1; Hormones for Wellbeing Part 2 - Rebecca Robinson: rebeccar@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz Postponed New Times to be advised

Talk it Up - Julie Nugent: julien@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

Face-to-face workshops are held in the RTLB Meeting room at the Crown Street entrance to Royal Oak Primary School.


E-workshops are held via Zoom meetings.


Workshops and Presenters

Term 2 2021

Feuerstein Basic Training

Level 1 Term 2 5 day workshop

Friday 14th May

Saturday 15th May

Friday 21st May

Saturday 22nd May

and Friday 28th May

To become a Feuerstein Basic practitioner you need to complete two levels. Level one is offered in May and Level two will be offered during the third term 2021.

Please note these are full day workshops in the RTLB meeting room at Royal Oak Primary School.

For more information click this link to the Feuerstein Connect page

Face-to-Face Workshops

Play-based Learning

Thursday May 20th 3:15-4:15pm



ACEs: It's not the end of the story

Thursday June 3rd 3:30 - 4:30pm

ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Face-to-Face Workshop

Maths-focused face-to-face workshop


Thursday 5th August  1:30-3pm

Any one can cook..... do mathematics" (Ratatouille Chef Gusteau)  Come and taste some enticing and exciting ideas around accessing the mathematics curricula as a joyful process. (Early Level 1)

Face-to-Face Workshop

Postponed to Term 3

Repeat Workshop: An introductory look at Understanding and Developing Wellbeing through increasing the Happy Hormones

For developing positive Well Being in ourselves as adults, as educators, as parents, and Resilience in our students whatever their age -  four main Happiness Hormones,  easy ways of increasing the four main Happy Hormones in our daily lives.

child alone.jpg

Secondary-focused E-Workshop

Tuesday 6th July 3:15-4:15pm

Target audience: SENCO LSC RTLB School Management

Join us for our Privacy Awareness Training around the New Privacy Act documents that came into effect December 2020.

Ministry of Education representatives Privacy and Information Sharing Specialists, Clare Ruru and Sally Barry, will be our presenters who will support us in developing our knowledge and confidence around:


  • Changes to the Privacy Act 2020

  • How these changes might impact on current work practices 

  • Collection, use and sharing of personal information in relating to Learning support and the Learning Support Register 


Postponed to Term 3

Practical Ways of Planning to help increase levels of the Happiness Hormones for ourselves as Teaching Practitioners.... and a little look ahead at positive implications for our classroom environments.

Part 2 - Looking at ways of increasing the Happy Hormones and adding these 'easy and helpful hints' to our daily lives in order to further develop our own positive sense of Well Being and also for the students and children in our care.


Talking it Up!

Thursday 8th July 3:15-4:15pm

For a wraparound program of learning and support for students with text processing difficulties, speech to text and text to speech software provide incredible opportunities to remove barriers and nurture success. And... these tools enable all learners, and teachers, to become more efficient in how they work with text. Learn the benefits of these tools as we explore what’s available and how to use them.