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2023 Term 2
Face-to-Face and E-Workshops

To register interest for these workshops please contact the presenter for each one. 

Face-to-face workshops are held in the RTLB Meeting room at the Crown Street entrance to Royal Oak Primary School.


E-workshops are held via Zoom meetings. Register with the presenter for the link.

reframing and responding to behaviour


Presented by Jo Turner


Wednesday 14th June 9.30-12 Face-to-face at the RTLB meeting room, Royal Oak Primary School.


This session will focus on recognising escalating behaviours and differentiating the adult's response accordingly. 

The principles that apply to any class level are aimed to de-escalate student behaviour and alleviate stress for all involved.

Some new tips for changing up what we adults do….to get a different response! 



Presented by Jo Turner and Barbara Hannant



Wednesday 24th May, whole day Face-to-Face workshop 9.30am-2.30pm at the RTLB meeting room, Royal Oak Primary School.

Places are limited so be in quick.

Jo Turner and Barb Hannant will work with participants to unpack behaviours, identify patterns and isolate triggers so that effective strategies can be timed to prevent escalation of behaviours. 


Jo and Barb will unpack and develop escalation and de-escalation behaviour profiles with participants to reframe behaviour from the viewpoint of an adult and a young person. Participants will leave with the ability to complete escalation profiles for the adults to use to support a young person and to be able to work with the young person to complete a de-escalation profile for themselves. 


Presented by Michelle Grey-Lamont

Monday 29th May 2-4pm, RTLB meeting Room, Royal Oak Primary School.

Register by 26th May 2023 with Michelle 

Kids are resilient! Really?

How do teachers explicitly teach resilience skills?  Here’s one way… BOUNCE BACK by Toni Noble and Helen McGrath! It is an evidence-informed programme that promotes positive mental health, wellbeing, and resilience in young people. BOUNCE BACK targets years 0-8.  This social and emotional learning programme is underpinned by Positive Psychology and utilises Cognitive Behaviour Training (CBT) principles. BOUNCE BACK also aims to develop the optimal learning environments that help children experience joy in learning and develop positive teacher-student and peer relationships. 


The In-person workshop delivered by Michelle Grey-Lamont (RTLB) will focus on: 

  • What is the BOUNCE BACK programme? 

  • The BOUNCE BACK curriculum 

  • Implementation & Planning of BOUNCE BACK in your class/kura 

  • BOUNCE BACK assessment tools 

  • Questions & Answers time 



Link to Presentation in button below


Part 2 - Examples of Escalation Profiles in action to show how they work.

LINK to Part 2 slideshow


zones of regulation

Presented by Michele Hucker


POSTPONED Date to be confirmed  Face-to-face at the RTLB meeting room Royal Oak Primary School.

Workshop Aims:


In this workshop you will gain an overview of Zones of Regulation. The lessons teach students about how their thinking patterns, internal emotions and sensory needs, can result in them shifting from one zone to another.


  • Introduction to the zones of Regulation curriculum

  • Introduction to each of the different Zones

  • Introduction to the concept of self-regulation and how we can support students to further develop this

  • Having a go at some of the activities in the lesson plans

mental health education and wellbeing 

Presented by Tracey Richardson

An on-line e-workshop.


Wednesday 14th June  3.30pm - 4.30pm

Register with Tracey for the Zoom link

Tracey will explore the Mental Health Education Guidelines that were released in September 2022. Participants will gain an understanding of what Mental Health Education could look like at Levels 1-4 of the curriculum. She will also share a wide range of resources to enhance mental wellbeing that are available online. This workshop is suitable for teachers, SENCOs, HPE leaders, Learning Support Co-ordinators and anyone interested in SEL.

TEACHER wellbeing

Presented by Maryanne Manuyag


Wednesday - 7th June, 3:30-5:00pm, Face-to-face in the RTLB meeting room Royal Oak Primary School

How can we support our teachers in their wellbeing?

Come along to hear recent research around wellbeing and teachers, as well as findings from recent surveys and interviews with teachers in our cluster. Some strategies for teachers, RTLBs, school management teams and BOTs on ways we can all support our own wellbeing, and that of our colleagues. 


Facilitated by Titania McKenzie

Register with Titania at

Face-to-face workshop

Monday 12th June 3.30-5.30pm 


Monday 26th June 3.30-5pm 

RTLB meeting room at Royal Oak Primary School.

Limited places. Must attend both workshops.


This two-part workshop is for teachers, their teaching assistants and leadership partners who are looking to enhance their support for autistic learners. It presents an ‘iceberg framework’ to unpack and deepen understanding of autistic learners neurodiverse experience. A link to classroom resources aligned with the iceberg are provided for workshop attendees. It is recommended that you come with a specific learner in mind as there will be time given to unpack the framework and plan next steps. In workshop two we share our experiences with strategies that were put in place and solution find together challenges that arose. 


 If this is a workshop you would like to consider for teams working in your school, feel free to come to this workshop as a taster experience. A school based workshop can be then be negotiated. 

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