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Presentations and resources from Wellbeing Event October 2019

Please respect our presenters' generosity in sharing these resources.

For Wellbeing Event participant viewing only.

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Viki Holley and Onehunga Primary School: Schools in Action -  Whole School Wellbeing

Click here for presentation slides


Associate Professor Melinda Webber: Maori Identity and Success

Click here for presentation slides.

Click here for 2018 article The Transformative Role of Iwi Knowledge and Geneology in Maori Student Success.


Professor Jack Naglieri: Think Positive, Act Smart: The Role of Executive Function in Emotional Strength and Resilience.

Click here for link to his website and free resources.

Click here for link to CAS Case Study workbook.


Kathleen Kryza: Heal Yourself, Heal Your Classroom. Live It to Learn.

Click here for her website.


Dr Paula Barrett: Rising and Thriving Through Resilience.

Click here for session handout and here for more information about FRIENDS Resilience


Penny Locaso: The Busy Shall Inherit the Future: the Intentionally Adaptable Will Shape It.

Click here for link to BKindred Intentional Adaptability website.

Click here for link to Penny's post-event resources.

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