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Contact: Sarah Pearse

What is Seasons for Growth?

Seasons for Growth is a small group education programme that supports children and young people to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand and respond well to experiences of change, loss and grief.

Seasons for Growth supports children and young people who have experienced change including - although not limited to - friendships, family separation, the loss or death of someone they care about, loss of a pet, relocation and forced migration, living away in out-of-home care, physical or mental illness; or the impacts of war, terrorism or pandemics. 

The programme is evidence-based and uses the imagery of the seasons to describe and understand the experience of change, loss and grief. Trained adult ‘Companions’ facilitate small groups where participants support and learn from each other in age appropriate and engaging activities. Participants learn that change and loss are a natural part of life and that they are not alone in dealing with the effects of these experiences. They also learn communication, decision making and problem-solving skills to support them to adapt to their new circumstances.

We suggest that children and young people impacted by bereavement wait 6-12 months before participating in a Seasons for Growth programme.

What do we offer?

Cluster 8 can offer two programmes from the suite of 

MacKillop Seasons:

We are fortunate to have a large number of Cluster 8 RTLB trained to companion groups.  


We also offer 'Companion' trainings twice a year in Term 1 and Term 3. Our goal is to have trained 'Companions' in all of our schools. Please speak with your key liaison RTLB if you are interested in having this programme in your school.

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