Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Support


Sandiyao Sebestian: sandis@rtlbcluster8.ac.nz

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE- Feuerstein, Rand, Hoffman, & Miller, 1980) is a cognitive intervention program aimed at developing a broad range of students’ cognitive functions and enhancing their learning potential. Unlike other cognitive programs that “infuse” cognitive strategies into curricular lessons, FIE offers as separate, content-neutral lessons aimed at the development of cognitive strategies and function in their “pure” form. These strategies and functions are then “bridged” to particular content during regular curricular lessons. FIE materials include several series of paper-and-pencil tasks targeting such cognitive skills as comparison, classification, analytic perception, orientation in space and time, and so on.


1. Cluster 8 has been delivering FIE service to schools since 2014. This involves Learning Propensity Assessment Devices (LPAD) assessment, Basic and Standard Instrumental Enrichment programmes.

2. On the field studies (pre and post data gathering) has been completed in 5 schools. For this year one such study is in progress to a group of above-average students.

3. Six RTLBs from the Cluster have completed the FIE Basic programme and have started practising in schools via their casework.


4. FIE Community of Practice (COPs) have developed the following pamphlets about FIE:

     a. FIE Basic Programme

     b. FIE Standard Programme

     c. Mediated Learning Experience

For more information about the above please contact:

Sandiyao Sebestian (Sandi)

FIE Coordinator,

RTLB, Cluster 8,

021 982 918

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Feuerstein Website:



New Zealand Feuerstein Forum:



Dates for FIE Basic Level 2

Sandi Sebestian's Feuerstein Basic training Level 2 is in August 2021.

The 5 Level 2 workshops will be on 13, 14, 20, 21, and 27th August.


To become a Feuerstein Basic practitioner you need to complete two levels. Level one was offered in May and Level two is offered during the third term 2021. These workshops are sponsored by RTLB Cluster 8 Ngā Manu Āwhina. 


Read Sandi's article about FIE in a primary school in NZ!

Contact Sandi to register for the August workshops.

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