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Incredible Years Programmes



Incredible Years Autism course

is an Intervention designed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton

It is an extension of IYT. Preferably, teachers who are already trained in IYT would be involved. The focus is on neurodiverse children who are on the autism spectrum or children with language delays who are 3–5 years old. Each teacher will have a target student in mind for the workshops

Areas covered are…

o Promoting Language Development

o Promoting Social Interactions

o Promoting Emotional Literacy and Self-Regulation


Our second programme this year is in Terms 3 and 4. There are 6 sessions with the dates below. The venue is at Royal Oak Primary School in the RTLB meeting room (Crown Street)

  • Wednesday 23rd August

  • Wednesday 30th August

  • Wednesday 13th September

  • Wednesday 20th September

  • Wednesday 18th October

  • Wednesday 25th October

  • Time 8.30 - 12.00pm. Please arrive at 8.15am in order to start promptly at 8.30am. Morning tea will be provided.

There is a maximum of 10 teachers per course. Three visits will be made to each teacher by one facilitator per course.

It is beneficial to release teachers for the whole day so they can make resources and be prepared to integrate content into the classroom programme


The Ministry of Education funds schools $900 per teacher GST inclusive – paid to schools at the end once teachers have attended all sessions.


Teachers need to register their interest through an online portal – link below ▪ Could they please put “Cluster 8” by their name so we can find their application on the portal

Please also email to say that you have filled in the MOE portal so that we can retrieve your information.

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