Towards successful parent participation - Are we doing enough supporting parents towards successful learning and behaviour interventions for children? What does the current literature informs' us and what can we do to meaningfully collaborate with parents? Is this a pathway that we can effectively undertake?


Sandi has been an RTLB since July 2010. He is trained and qualified in Special Education and Educational Psychology. Sandi is our clusters go-to-person for Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Practitioner, Certified Feuerstein LPAD Assessor and Feuerstein Basic programme trainer. 

primary focus group

Catherine Huxford 

How can we help students who are struggling with maths?  How can we support students with gaps in their learning? 

Are there any intervention programmes schools can use to help catch up lost classroom time? 

The answer is Numicon! 

Find out what programmes Numicon offers for play based learning, problem solving, catch-up, intervention, acceleration and children with high learning needs. This brief session will be led by Auckland Numicon Consultant, Catherine Huxford. 

Catherine Huxford has taught in primary schools for 15 years. Her passion is to make maths real for students and support teachers to promote curiosity and enjoyment in maths using sound resources. Catherine has worked full time in Numicon (Edushop) since April this year.  She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Auckland. 

jan quensell

RTLB School Partnership: School Story (Cornwall Park District School) - School ownership of Early Intervention Project through an RTLB/School support. Tracking students of the EI Project leading into the Middle Intervention Inquiry supported by school/RTLB. Students still needing this support in the middle primary area looking at the successes (or not) of this Inquiry and next steps. 

Assistant SENCO at Cornwall Park District School, Jan has been a member of the Management of Early Intervention Project RTLB/School partnership assessing, coordinating and supporting student success.  She also leads the co-ordination of Middle Intervention Inquiry for 2020.



Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Education: a philosophy rooted in a deep respect for students and whanau.

Lilly is an experienced RTLB since 2015 and an educator for pre-school to tertiary level education. She has experience with Special Education: remedial trained and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching: Learning and Behaviour Feuerstein Basic.

claire murphy

Positive Coherent Transitions: The NZ research and Best Practice in supporting schools to bridge the pathway from one to school setting to another. 

Claire is an experienced  teacher who has worked in a variety of settings in Auckland.  She is a trained RTLB in Cluster 8 with a special interest in strengthening school capacity to support inclusive practice. 

julie nugent

Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms: What can we do to support the many aspects of students who learn differently in our regular classrooms?  

Julie joined Cluster 8 as a new RTLB this year. She is an experienced teacher, SENCO, and Special Education Advisor (MOE). Julie is passionate about supporting students who learn differently. She has a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Post Graduate Certificate (G&T), and Post Graduate Diploma in Education.